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Pedal + Palabras = PedaLabras

A bike tour, an active language course and Spain all in one.
Combined, the three ingredients create a delicious PedaLabras cocktail.
A potent mixture with the flavour of Spain!

PedaLabras offers you a guided bike tour through the most culturally interesting and captivating regions of Spain. At the same time, a daily “on the road” Spanish-course will improve your Spanish skills and help you engage with the locals.
Have the experience of your life with an enthousiastic group of people while enjoying an active holiday in Spain!

... a bike tour in Spain ... a Spanish language course in Spain
... immerse yourself in the Spanish culture ... amazing landscapes

Why exercise and movement enhances learning?

Studies show that exercise strengthens key areas of the brain just as it shapes the muscles, heart, lungs, etc. The cerebellum processes both movement and learning in a constant interplay. Exercise increase your breathing and heart rate so that more blood flows to the brain and you effectively oxygenate it, which “clears your head" and helps you to think and memorize better.

Thus, movement and exercise improve your learning abilities.

Our Spanish language course on the bike allows for the necessary movement and activity to improve your language comprehension. The rhythmic pedalling creates a pace for memorizing and practicing vocabulary and pronunciation; the same pace also allows you to interact with the local people, getting closer to Spanish culture and its beautiful landscape.

What does a PedaLabras day look like?

After exchanging "Buenos dias" and enjoying a rich breakfast you will have plenty of energy for the morning ride. But, before getting your legs moving, a language topic of the day will be introduced along with some grammatical structures. Your teacher will also assign a task “for the road” for when you are biking.

The morning bike ride will give you time to recall the earlier lesson and the opportunity to practice it on the bike. Routes are carefully chosen with non or very little traffic, so that you can chat while biking. You are also free to ask your teacher any question which may be inspired by the fantastic Spanish landscape and culture that you will be surrounded by.

Depending on the day, after lunch there will be another lesson or cultural activity.

To digest both the Spanish language lessons and the delicious food, an afternoon bike ride will follow. In the evening, there will be activities to encourage interaction with the local people, related with the day’s language topic and our route.

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