AEDAVE, Asociación Empresarial de Agencias de Viajes Españolas
AEDAVE, Asociación Empresarial de Agencias de Viajes Españolas

Terms & Conditions

1. Responsible agent

C/ Cruz Roja 18 1ºD
26580, Arnedo, La Rioja, España
Fiscal Identification Number (C.I.F.): 16577917-T
License Number: C.A.L.R.-051 TL Mm, Agencia de Viajes
Telephone and fax: 0034 941 385 276,

2. Quality of our services

All the programmes offered have been checked personally by our agency and we guarantee their full compliance with no limitations.
Nevertheless, in the case of circumstances beyond the control of RIOJALIVE (museums, historical monuments under renovation, cellars closed for any reasons, bad weather conditions for open air visits…etc…) preventing certain visits, cancelled activities will be replaced with others.

3. Bookings

PedaLabras reservations must be applied for in writing; through the PedaLabras-online form, found on this website. In the same way, bookings will be confirmed in writing.

4. Prices

All prices published are in EUROS, valid until 1st November 2012 inclusive of all taxes (effective from January 1st 2011) and service charges.
Tips are not included (always voluntary in Spain) nor are any other services not specified in the itinerary.

5. Payments

We accept bank transfer payments, only in EUROS. You will receive your invoice as soon as the booking is confirmed. Any bank transfer charges will be at the clients’ expense.
Payment should be made to the bank account indicated in the invoice as follows:
- 300€ within 2 weeks of confirmation of booking.
- Full payment due 31 days before start of trip.

If a booking has services with special booking conditions (for example: train or plane tickets at special prices needing immediate issue…) we will inform the client and ask for this service to be paid immediately on confirming the booking.

6. Cancellations

In the case the client needs to cancel the trip, the following cancellation policy will be applied:
- Cancellation within 14 days of the trip - 0% refund
- Cancellation 15-21 days before the trip - 25% refund
- Cancellation 22 days or more of the trip - 50% refund

7. Reimbursements for cancellations

The client will be reimbursed by bank transfer in EUROS. The amount returned will be the amount owed less the bank charges. Once the client has started his/her tour, no money can be reimbursed for services already booked and not used.

8. Liability

Confirmed bookings will mean the knowledge and acceptance by the client that RIOJALIVE is acting as an intermediary between the client and the operators of the different services (hotels, transport companies, guides…) and cannot accept responsibility for any injury or inconvenience to the client or damage to his/her belongings arising from the use of these services. If such an incident should happen, responsibility lies with operators of the services. RIOJALIVE can neither accept responsibility for any act or situation occurring beyond their control like strikes, terrorist acts, robberies, adverse weather… or any similar thing affecting the normal running of the tours.
In all cases the client should inform the tour guide immediately of any eventuality which could adversely affect the services booked so that we can act accordingly and minimise its effects.

9. Insurance

All clients must have their own adequate insurance health policy. If you are from a European country, we ask that you have a valid EHIC card.
When choosing an insurance policy, please make sure that it covers cycling activities.

10. Travel documents

It is the client’s own responsibility to carry a valid passport and all the visas and vaccination certificates required.
RIOJALIVE will provide written documents for all the services booked through them.

11. Complaints and arbitration

Should the client have a complaint to make about a particular service which he/she considers was not received or was below standard, he/she must first do so directly to the people responsible for that service (hotel manager, restaurant manager, guide, driver…) so that it can be dealt with immediately.
If the problem still persists, the client should inform the tour guide immediately so that he/she can intervene to solve the problem.
The telephone, fax numbers and e-mail address of RIOJALIVE can be clearly seen on section 1 of these terms and conditions.
If despite all this and even though the situation was resolved, the client’s dissatisfaction continues, the client should make a full report in writing (fax or e-mail) within 30 days from the end of the trip, detailing all the points related to the problem, which will then be checked by RIOJALIVE and an answer in writing will be given within 15 days of the receipt of the report.
No complaint can be accepted if received later than 30 days after the end of the tour.
Both RIOJALIVE and the client must accept the jurisdiction of the Spanish Courts and, more specifically, those of La Rioja to decide on any outstanding complaints and in so doing renounce any other jurisdiction.
RIOJALIVE refuses to accept any arbitration court for any matter arising from this contract.
In all cases RIOJALIVE will always be subject to the legislation of the Community of La Rioja related to tours or services booked as a package.

12. Privacy policy

The information collected here will be treated and included in a file exclusively for internal use and provision of own and complementary services, such as the sending of information and publications related to this travel agency.
The client accepts this information and agrees expressly that RIOJALIVE has the responsibility of the file, and may transfer their data, for the purpose defined previously, exclusively to the entities which take part in the activities, development and institutional aim of RIOJALIVE.
The authorised persons will be able to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection regulated by the L. O. (Organic Law) 15/1999, addressing to: RIOJALIVE, C/ Cruz Roja 18 1ºD 26580 – Arnedo - La Rioja - España.
RIOJALIVE agrees to the fulfilment of its obligation of protection of personal data and its duty to keep it. It will adopt the necessary measures to protect it from its change, loss, processing or unauthorised access, as stated in the Safety Measures Regulations of the automated data files which contain personal data passed by the Royal Decree 994/1999 on the 11th of July.
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