Cycling in Spain

Going up a little hill!-Spain Going down as well!-Spain Taking a rest with the group-Spain
Radweg Spanien vias verdes Vias Verdes, Greenways are the result of converting disused railway lines into cycling and walking routes. Easy, accessible, far removed from motorised traffic and with hardly any steep slopes, they are specially recommended for nature lovers and people who enjoy outdoor exercise.
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Cycling experience


PedaLabras is both a bike tour and a Spanish course. It is made for people who place an importance on activity, sports and healthy lifestyle during their holidays.

Let’s say, if you see a 5km climb ahead of you, there should be a smile on your face and you should be able to enjoy the way up as much as you enjoy being at the top or going down!
Each bike tour description has an explanation on the level of fitness a tour is catered towards.

Moderate Moderate to challenging
Taking a rest with the group-Spain
Taking a rest with the group



We cycle around 5 to 6 hours a day, including short breaks. The total day distance depends on the route profile, and it varies from 40 to 80 km.


We go at a sporty pace, neither a racing speed nor a dawdling pace. In any case, with our maps and written directions available, you are also free to pedal at your own pace. Our support van can also take you on board if you feel like watching the landscape through a car window for a day.

Spanish Roads

Our road choice

Secondary roads, vias verdes (green ways) and regional trails are our preference. When possible, we avoid taking busy roads and have chosen the most scenic routes to allow you to explore Spain and its breathtaking countryside.

Road surface

Road surfaces are partially paved and partially gravel and none of them are on technically-difficult trails, so don’t worry if you are unable to hop logs or stand on one tire!


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